Keen to renovate but don't know where to start, what trades to engage, how much it will cost, whether Council Approval is required, where to source your materials, this list goes on and on. ESTON Property have ample experience in renovations specialising in cost effective solutions for investment properties and adding value. 


You want to renovate but don't know where to start. Our CONSULTATION service is what you need.

  • Discuss floorplans, budgets, time frames, bounce ideas or gain a different perspective.

  • Renovating an investment property, where to spend the money to generate the best returns or to ensure you don't over capitalise.

  • Spreadsheets, planners, instagram, pinterest, trade lists and simple SketchUp plans.

  • Attend open inspections for prospective purchases to provide feedback on potential renovations.

FEE: $100/hr


Keen to renovate but no time to manage your project or no idea what you are doing? No time to get quotes, to meet and manage trade or ensure they are doing what you require. Our PROJECT MANAGEMENT service can assist!


FEE: Tailored to project and scope of management required.